Durf Ondernemen goes global

We have two competitions to send our students to see and conquer the world!

Durf Ondernemen goes SLUSH

SLUSH is the biggest tech start-up and investors conference in Europe and gathers more than 15 000 tech entrepreneurs, VC's and journalists. It takes place in Helsinki, Finland in the end of November. We hand out tickets for both early stage startups (only for registered student-entrepreneurs) and for other students as well. 

Subscriptions will open around September.

Durf Ondernemen goes USA

Each year Durf Ondernemen sends a participant to the Virginia Tech Knowledge Works conference in the USA. Before joining that business concept competition the students visit New York to gather extra market feedback and Washington DC for a citytrip with the other international students. 

More information can be found on this page. Subscriptions open in Februari, the competition itself takes place in August.