Durf Ondernemen is looking for innovation fellows

In september 2016 Ghent University will launch a dedicated space to stimulate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship among students and staff. It will be a space that is designed for collaboration, innovation and making entrepreneurial plans and will include a workshop room, a prototyping room and a cosy kitchen where you can meet new people. This new space is hosted in the Rommelaere building (Jozef Kluyskensstraat) in the former forensic lab of the police.

But that's about all that is fixed. To make our plans more concrete we would like to involve all stakeholders, including you, the students! We want this place to inspire you, to facilitate collaboration amonst students and to attract people from all sectors and fields of study.

Are you interested in joining one or more brainstorm sessions? Do you have skills that we could use? Would you like to use this space? Subscribe via the form and we'll contact you for our first session!

On these links you can find some more inspiration regarding our plans:

Contact details
Non-students are welcome too!
Discuss why you want to become an innovation fellow. What inspired you? What do you want to change?
Are there any particular skills that you can offer or do you have some relevant experience that is interesting for us to know about?
What are your plans for such a space? Are there any things that should certainly be present? What would you like to do with or in the space?