My Medical Story

My Medical Story was created during 'Innovation Station', a health hackathon, organised by BeMSA Gent, Universiteit Gent Faculteit Geneeskunde en Gezondheidswetenschappen, Durf Ondernemen and BlueHealth Innovation Center.

Research shows that 35-40% of patients do not understand what their illness or treatment means. For example, patients have difficulty understanding hospital discharge letters because of the complex medical lexicon.

With My Medical Story, Lucie, Veerle and Chato want to set the situation straight. Their solution includes a software package for healthcare institutions to make medical jargon in hospital discharge letters and other medical documents understandable for patients. More specifically, the medical discharge letter is transformed into a more understandable patient language. This is an attempt to boost people's health literacy and therapy compliance. As the solution also increases the efficiency of medical staff, hospitals can reduce costs and distinguish themselves in the market by giving a better quality of service.

  • Status product: started prototyping
  • Customers: B2B
  • Team My Medical Story: Lucie Van De Looverbosch: Master of Science in Healthcare Management and Policy, Veerle Beheyt: Master of Science in Healthcare Management and Policy and Chato De Veirman: Master of Science in Computer Science