Two friends - Colin and Lucas - found themselves looking for a refreshing drink in Antwerp Central Station on a hot summer day. They quickly realised that the only tasty drinks available were pre-packaged, and that a reusable alternative wasn't really available. They teamed up with 2 of their friends - Mathijs and Lukas - to start brooding on this problem. And so the idea of a smart vending machine that fills your reusable bottle with a healthy lemonade, was born. It was crucial that these healthy and organic lemonades were as affordable as possible and had an even better taste than the existing alternatives.

Not ready to make any compromises, Dripl wants to start a grand, ecological and tasteful beverage movement. Their prototype was tested extensively and successfully, and so they succeeded in closing their first deals. The very first vending machines are being launched as we speak.

Dripl aims to play an important role in reducing the use of one-way packaging caused by flavored drinks.

  • Status product: on the market
  • Customers: B2B, first deals have been made
  • Team Dripl: Colin Deblonde: Master Business Economics, Lukas Marivoet: Master Elektronics-ICT, Lucas Moreau: Master Mechanical Engineering, Mathijs Vanacker: Master Industrial Design

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