"Hi, my name is Ike and I’m the creator/founder of EZZ, a CBD-infused relaxation drink.

The ball started rolling when my girlfriend questioned my evening habit of consuming soft drinks. I’d never really given it a second thought but I realised that she was right, soft drinks aren’t good for a night’s rest.

It got me thinking: why do we only see one side of the spectrum? We are we so focused on ‘more energy’, ‘staying awake longer’, flirting with the edge of what’s good for us. What with ‘being calm’ and ‘getting a good night's sleep’? Today, we all experience a lot of stress and pressure. We tend to think that energy drinks will help us. But obviously we fool ourselves in our belief that sacrificing sleep is the solution. Nothing could be further from the truth.

At EZZ it is our mission to change this unbalanced situation. Our drinks will make people more calm, more relaxed, more positive and above all more able to enjoy life in today's busy world. As an added bonus, CBD offers a lot of additional healing effects in cases of insomnia, social phobia, epilepsy – just to name a few.

So remember you heard it here first: calm is the new busy!"

  • Status product: problem/solution fit
  • Customers: B2B
  • Team: Ike Byosière (Bachelor of Science in Chemistry)