"Hi there! We at FullFilled want to bring a more sustainable personal care brand to the market: a line of powders. At home, the consumer just adds water in our refillable FullFilled bottle, et voila: your conscious care product is born.Our alternative will:

  1. reduce the amount of plastic waste
  2. reduce emissions / transport costs
  3. offer quality & sustainability

Just to give you an idea: a traditional hand soap contains 80% water. Imagine the big impact we can make on a large scale.

Who are we? We're Amber, Céline and Charlotte, 3 power women who study Business Economics. We are eager to grow and learn a lot about entrepreneurship and the related challenges. And above all: we absolutely love personal care products! That’s why we want to offer a sustainable and qualitative alternative for the traditional soaps, body milks and more.

We are only fullfilled when you are. Stay safe and keep washing your hands!”

  • Status product: product/solution fit
  • Customers: B2B
  • Team: Amber De Smit (Bachelor of Science in Business Economics), Céline Warlop (Bachelor of Science in Business Economics) & Charlotte Pintelon (Bachelor of Science in Business Economics)