Sara and Parviz are both PhD students in chemistry, specializing in advanced materials. In their homeland Iran, Parviz already has a successful company as a producer of fertilizers. During the Expedition DO! programme Sara and Parviz joined forces with another participant, Nicolas Decrêm. Together, the three of them want to have a global impact on water and air purification. Their unique technology is ready to face many challenges in both of these sectors.

Parviz, Sara and Nicolas are currently talking to major players - both end customers as well as water and air purification companies - and are researching a number of use cases for them. The preliminary results look very promising.

  • Status product: working on use cases
  • Customers: B2B
  • TEAM NEOCOF: Sara Abednatanzi: Phd Student in Chemistry, Parviz Gohari Derakhshandeh: Phd Student in Chemistry, Nicolas Decrêm: Master of Science in Business, Finance and Risk