Samuel Van Ackere

Samuel Van Ackere, PhD student at the Department of Geography, signed up for Expedition DO! to start an own spin-off: FLIAT.

FLIAT, the flood impact assessment tool, will be developed as a software-as-a-service (SAAS) that rapidly calculates and visualizes the impact of floods and helps with data management, the reporting and communication of these impact analyses.

When did you decide to join Expedition DO!, the pre-acceleration program for (PhD)students?
"I have developed the prototype of FLIAT during my PhD research at Ghent University. During my research project, the daring idea of starting a spin-off triggered me and has led to my participation in Expedition DO! I didn’t have any idea how to draw up a financial plan or how to choose the right business model. That is why DO! was the perfect point of contact for me."

What has your entrepreneurial experience been like during Expedition DO! so far?
"Since the start of Expedition DO!, I am more focused on my end goal; the FLIAT start-up. I now work in a more planned way, one step at a time. Thanks to the help of an extensive network of experts, it is possible to propel my business idea to the next level."

What advice would you give other students/researchers?

"Don’t hesitate to pitch your idea at DO! and don’t hesitate to jump into the pool of entrepreneurship if you want to."

Why do you want to be in the spotlight?
"For the moment, I’m looking for a creative enthusiast who can help me set up a promotional 2D animation movie for the FLIAT tool. The job will be paid in cinematickets and beers. Keep in touch and stay awesome."