Terra Coco

"Hello, we're Adriana and Rosa, 2 friends who met in Belgium while studying for our master degree in Environmental Sanitation at Ghent University.
We both come from countries where waste management is still a big problem and share the belief that 'waste materials' are resources waiting to be unlocked.
Together with our newest team member Andres (an agroindustrial engineer) we aim to unlock the potential of coconut waste generated in Ecuador to make it into a quality growing medium. Terra Coco seeks to become a local supplier for horticultural Ecuadorian enterprises but mostly strives to mitigate water pollution and CO2 emissions derived from coconut waste in the country.”

  • Status product: product development - product/solution fit
  • Customers: B2B
  • Team Terra Coco: Adriana Estrada (Master in Environmental Sanitation, PhD student in Environmental Sciences and Technology), Rosa Aguilar (Master in Environmental Sanitation) & Andres Estrada (Agroindustrial engineer)