Research Founders



There's life after research. Join this inspirational night and learn how to start building your own entrepreneurial career path today.

Just a small percentage of PhD students and Postdocs has a future in the academic world. At the same time a large number of research results with a possible impact on society, collect dust on a shelf. Or researchers have a (business) idea that is independent from their research but have no idea how to make a career of it after their research is finished.

Join the first edition of Ghent University's 'Research Founders' and be inspired by the journeys other researchers made before you.

With the Expedition DO! programme, Ghent University aims to help its researchers to go from idea to business in 7 months. Get to know more about the programme and how to apply, since subscriptions will open right after the event.

The evening will be concluded with an option to network.

This event will take place in English.

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