The European Union needs your help!

For many years higher education institutions across the globe have initiated and altered entrepreneurship programmes. Many of these programmes have shown positive outcomes in terms of new start-ups generated by students, or a more entrepreneurial mindset gained by students. However, we are yet to develop a unified model to determine the impact and evaluate the design and content of these programmes. As such, the European Commission needs your help.

Are you a student or lecturer in entrepreneurship education? We kindly ask you for 8 minutes of your time in completing the survey for the evaluation of entrepreneurship education programmes: 

The results of this survey will form the basis of the design of an online tool that will help students pick the right programme in terms of design, impact and content and will support educators with ensuring they achieve the intended impact, reach their target group and in designing the programme. 
Need more information? Please visit the project website at
We would like to kindly thank you for your support in the further development of entrepreneurship education across Europe.Please don't forget to forward the survey to any relevant contacts.