Gentrepreneur Awards 2020: The Gent University winners

This year the Gentrepreneur Awards will take place somewhat differently. Each day of this week Gentrepreneur will host a short award show.

We are proud to announce a Ghent University victory in the first category, of 'Duurzame Duizendpoot' (the sustainability award) with Expedition DO! team Dripl.
Ghent University student Colin Deblonde and team members Lucas Moreau, Lukas Marivoet and Mathijs Vanacker introduce vending machines that offer organic lemonades to fill up reusable bottles: sustainable, healthy and user-friendly.

Their solution is sustainable in more than one way:

  • no more plastic disposables
  • dramatic cutback on CO2 emissions
  • the vending machines are more sustainable to their owners (i.e. less energy use)

How does it work?

Stay tuned this week for more Gentrepreneur Awards news.