DO! is looking for participants to take part in research

During our hackathons that take plac ein November, Davy Vercruysse (lector at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration) will do research about the impact of hackathons on the entrepreneurial mindset. We are looking for students that want to be part of the control group that will complete the survey but will not take part in the hackathons. If you complete the survey 3 times you receive a gift voucher of 10,00 € of!

Completing the survey takes about 10 minutes and you can do it from your mobile phone or computer, from your own home. It is important to complete the survey on the right date. You will receive the link with the survey the day before.

The survey will need to be completed on the following days:

  • Friday 15th of November
  • Sunday 17th of November
  • Between Monday 10th and Friday 14th of February.

Do you want to take part? Subscribe via the online form!