Sailing entrepreneurial seas: Expedition DO! 2020

What a journey the first Expedition DO! was. While we are proud of how this generation of expeditioners is doing today -just to give a few examples of the winning teams:

  • Lopos is breaking new ground in corona times with its first product, the SafeDistance
  • Bright Energy just won a grant by the Foundation for Future Generations to help them launch their sustainable mobile battery
  • Both Ad Astra Industries and Anamatch match had one of their founders nominated for the Gentrepreneur Student-Entrepreneur Award

... we’ve also been sailing with a new group of expeditioners since March:

  • Clevor
  • Dripl
  • Event It
  • Haircycle
  • InstaSquid
  • My Medical Story
  • MyUnit
  • Neocof
  • Plant It!
  • Prosportslab
  • SCARAB Sports
  • SouperSmooth
  • Straight Up
  • Taito
  • Treefinity

So yes, the start of this edition coincided with the start of the corona crisis. And so the second Expedition DO! edition became the online edition.

While the 16 teams have only met in a virtual world, we have been blown away by the connection beyond business teams to help and assist each other in their unique journeys.

Pitches, expert sessions and overall content has been organised online and we made a partnership with Robin Geers’ unique Start-up Survival. This way our teams get additional professional guidance from experts in the online platform of the Start-up Masterclass. A joy of a partner to have on board.

Only smooth sailing towards the final destination in October thanks to Expedition DO! 2020 sponsors Belfius and Upkot and the many entrepreneurial partners from the Ghent ecosystem.

Curious about what lies ahead in the expedition, then have a look here.

Stay tuned for a who’s who in the 2020 expedition!