Legal Techathon


The Foundry, Jozef Kluyskensstraat 31, 9000 Gent

During the Legal Techathon, technology and law are combined in an innovative way. Students and researchers in law, technology, economics or other fields of study work together to create a technical solution for a legal problem.

Within 36 hours you go from problem to prototype with the help of experienced and renowned coaches. On Sunday you will pitch your concept to our judges. The winning team will go home with a prize of 2 500 euros awarded by law firm De Groote – De Man who received the 2017 award for most innovative law business by the Financial Times.

Furthermore, the winning team gains access to the ‘pitch round’ of the Expedition DO! selection process if they would like to develop their techathon idea even further.


The hackathon is spread over 3 days. We expect you to be present during the whole program. Foods and drinks are included for the whole weekend (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks).

Friday 15/11: we start at 16:00 and finish around 22:00. On Friday we focus on the challenge and possible solutions.

Saturday 16/11: we start at 09:00 and finish around 22:00. Breakfast is served starting from 08:00. We focus on the prototype for your solution, a business model and a pitch.

Sunday 17/11: we start at 09:30 in the VOKA Box (Lammerstraat 18) for the pitches in front of the jury. We finish around 14:00 in The Foundry. Breakfast is served in The Foundry starting from 08:00.

Take part in the Legal Techathon!

Participation in the Legal Techathon is based on a basic selection process. We give priority to participants that are motivated and interested in innovation and entrepreneurship and that have a background in law, technology or economics. Other fields of study are definitely welcome as well. We are open for students and researchers of Ghent University.

Complete your online subscription via the website until Monday 11/11. Soon after, you will receive an answer whether you were selected or not and, if positive, you will also receive a small information package (where you need to be, what to bring, ...).

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Who can participate?

All students and researchers of Ghent University can participate. We will select participants based on their current skillset since you need to have a basic knowledge of either legal issues or technology solutions in order to participate in this techathon.

How can I use the prize?

We strongly promote to use the money to continue the work on the project. It can be used to buy devices, host a website, … The ticket to the pitch round of Expedition DO! can be used for the next edition (in 2020) or the editions afterwards.

Can we take a rest at night? Can we go home?

You can have a rest at night. The program ends at 22:00 on Friday and Saturday night and starts again at 09:00 in the morning (breakfast available from 08:00). If needed, you can leave a little bit earlier as well to catch a train. If you want you can also continue to work the whole night through, work until a later hour or start earlier. Our location The Foundry will be open 24/7 during the weekend. It is not possible to sleep in The Foundry.

I want to be in a team with my friend. Is this possible?

The hackathon is limited to 5 teams of max. 5 people. In each team their needs to be at least one person with a technical background and one person with a legal background. Teams will be formed at the start of the hackathon, based on your interests and your background. If you want to be together in a team with someone, you can let us know in the registration form.

I already have an idea. Can I work on it during the hackathon?

The hackathon is focussed on technology solutions for solving legal problems. To keep the competition fair, we will not allow you to work on ideas that are already developed. If you have a very basic idea however and if it fits with the theme of the hackathon, you can work on it during the hackathon. In the subscription form you can let us know what your idea is.

I don't have an idea yet. Is this a problem?

No, this is not a problem. There might be other participants with ideas and even if that is not the case we will provide a couple challenges that you can use to start from.