Science to Business workshop (S2B)


The Science to Business (S2B) workshop is a short programme for researchers and scientists that teaches you to create value from your own research and technology, and takes you on a journey to discover commercial applications or services

The goal is to:

  • develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • stimulate your research to have a business impact
  • let your research give shape to the society of tomorrow
  • apply innovation techniques and methodologies to your own research

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For whom?

S2B is organized for all researchers from Flemish Universities with research topics linked to technology. Ideally you are in the final years of research and already have an idea of the potential results or technologies that your research will lead to (such as a specific material, process, technology, algorithm, …)

Participants will be selected based on the topic and progress of their research, their motivation and ambitions. A maximum of 20 participants will be selected.

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What's in it for me?

More than 80% of the PhD researchers pursue a career in industry, start their own company or work in the public sector. This workshop is useful to all of these career paths:

  • You are taught to understand the business context and the customer or user point of view. This gives you a high-level business perspective on your research and technology.
  • You are offered a unique and personalized approach that will prepare you to be one of the technology leaders, innovation agents or welfare architects of tomorrow.

During the workshop you will gather the following skills:

  • awareness and ability to exploit the potential of your own research
  • understanding the value creation process in a very early stage
  • the ability to think about your sector's opportunities from different angles (e.g. customer, marketing, business)
  • the ability to apply research know-how to build solutions for problems
  • how to recognize business opportunities and exploit them
  • obtain the necessary pre-business planning skills
  • develop more entrepreneurial skills (presentation skills, customer and user focus)

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Due to the Corona precautions this workshop will take place fully online. All participants will receive access to Ufora (the online learning environment of Ghent University).


In the online learning environment you will receive theoretical learning modules about the different topics such as spotting opportunities in your research, value proposition and business model canvas. Each module also includes a case study from a researcher who became an entrepreneur.


All this theory will be applied on your own research in each module. We will combine a variety of online working methods to make sure the right competences and guidance can be provided, even in an online format. There will be class sessions where everyone is present, online individual assignments, peer feedback sessions and pitches.

Over the course of 7 weeks we will cover research communication and opportunity identification; defining applications and value proposition design; product vision, pitching and dragon's den (final presentations). We hope the final presentations can be in real-life again, but if needed this can be online as well.


This phase focuses on customer discovery and the option for in-depth coaching. During the workshop you will have identified a number of possible applications of your research. It is necessary to validate those assumptions as quickly as possible in the real world.

If you want to further explore the potential in more detail, you can receive 1 hour of personal coaching during the validation phase. When your assumptions and value propositions are sufficiently validated, a first proposal of a business model can be created.

Next edition & application

Deadline for application: 20 April 2020, you will know whether you are selected before 24 April

Price: 0 €, only PhD students, researchers, postdocs and ZAP from Flemish universities can join

Online workshop: 4 May 2020 - 19 June 2020

We expect you to spend an estimated 3 to 4 hours per week on this workshop. We will limit the fixed timeslot sessions so most of this time can be at your own pace, however there will be weekly assignment deadlines that need to be kept.

Post-workshop phase
: to de defined together with the right department at your organisation

The confidentiality of the research will be guaranteed. External teaching staff or coaches will sign the NDA's proposed by the tech transfer units of the participating universities, public research organization or the SRC (SOC).

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